About me

Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was drawing. I spent hours drawing and many happy childhood memories begin with me sprawled out on the living room floor, drawing princesses from the books I read and kung-fu heroines from the latest martial arts movies.

I believe that art is a bridge – between our inner and outer worlds, a bridge between us and others, between you and me. They are stories, told in color and line. I hope that my art and illustrations speak to you, and bring a certain happiness and magic into your life.

Originally from the multi-cultural, cosmopolitan island of Singapore, I am so very blessed that my South-East Asian background and rich cultural heritage has given me a love of color, story and myth.

I am now based out of Los Angeles, where I paint and write. I live with 2 zany and loving humans with imaginations the size of planets, 2 silly cats, a goofy Shiba Inu and a very wise red slider turtle.

love, Sherry

If you'd like to say hello, or to license or commission any work, please contact me: