An empowered painting is like a vision. It can remind you of what your hopes and desires are. It can be a beautiful, visual reminder of who you are, where you wish to go and what you desire in your life.

The process:

A standard empowered painting is 11 x 14 inches. Please email me stating your interest and we will talk more about what you would like the painting for.

I tend to work intuitively and go with the flow so I cannot tell you how the final painting will look like. Please take a look at my other paintings to see my style of working which is very fluid and layered.

What I will guarantee is that we will first discuss the things that are important to you about this painting. The colors that draw you the most, that empowered you and make you feel happy and uplifted. We might discuss words, symbols and objects that might be important to you.

The cost for an 11 x 14 painting is $250 (including shipping and consultation).  The price goes up for a bigger sized painting. Please email me if you request a painting of a much bigger size.




Discover the joy and empowerment of creating your very own piece of work under the guidance of an intuitive artist. Learn to trust your intuitive and innate creativity as you create a piece of art that is just right for you.

Perfect for celebrating new beginnings:

  • Births
  • Pregnancies
  • Relationships
  • New resolutions
  • New home
  • New job

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