SHERRY GIANG: The artist who walks between worlds.

About me:

When I was little, I lived on the eighth floor facing a deeply forested hill that hid an old brewery. At the foot of this hill was a little Taoist temple and shading this temple was the biggest, oldest Rain tree on the block. I loved looking out of my kitchen window, staring at it. When it rained, it was magnificent – its leaves would glisten dark green, and the flowers were like bunches of the palest love fire. I remembered countless times, staring into them, melting into the heart of the flowers, feeling the sweetness of blooming, the coolness of being kissed by raindrops. They felt so present, it was almost like I was a little humming bird hovering over the flowers and leaves, taking it all in.

I think my love affair with Trees began then. When I was older, my affinity with trees never waned. I would notice trees wherever I go, finding deep peace in their company. I was and am always still in awe of their beauty, stillness and wisdom. It seemed only natural that when I started to paint in earnest, that my work would be filled with Trees.

It is the same with Angels. How can you not want to paint them when you have felt their gentle presence all your life?

And then there are my dreams. Some dreams are like milestones, a sudden meeting with a very special wise old friend. Some dreams are so profound I find myself pursuing that image or theme for years and it leads me on a journey of discovery.

Many years ago, I went on a quest and travelled for half a year. In the middle of the Mediterranean ocean, I heard my soul’s calling. It was so very quiet and came from deep, deep within. It said, “Paint, draw and share what you see within, and bring joy with your work”.

So here I am, 10 years later and still painting. I call myself an artist who walks between worlds. I feel that my role as an artist is to express the energies that I see and share the joy of the possibilities that art brings into our lives both as art makers and art lovers.

Art is a bridge – between our inner and outer worlds, between our hearts and us, between each other and between those who watch over us and us. I hope to express my art in a way that would resonate with people, call to their hearts and awaken them to a certain sense of joy and belonging.




Originally from the multi-cultural, cosmopolitan island of Singapore, I am so very blessed that my South-East Asian background and rich cultural heritage has given me the opportunity to become familiar with a wide and diverse variety of artistic styles. My background inspires my richly layered paintings and varied themes. My background in writing, journalism and graphic design gives my art a vivid and colorful edge.

My main sources of inspiration are Spirituality, Nature and the Dreamtime.

I am now based in Los Angeles, where I paint as well as continue my writing and design projects.

My works are a favorite among many, and my paintings enjoy a worldwide clientele, from Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.


2014 – Solo Exhibition, “Dreaming Trees”, Hastings Branch Library, Pasadena, California

2013 – Annual Studio Show, Spirit Life Art Studios, Sacred Spark Studios, Pasadena, California

2012 – Annual Studio Show, Spirit Life Art Studios, Sacred Spark Studios, Pasadena, California

2012 – “Illumination” an art exhibition at St Paul’s featuring the work of Stan Bruce, Sherry Giang, Jill Kiefer & Toni Scott, Los Angeles, CA

2011 –  Cope Studios Annual Show, Burbank, California

2007 – Pasadena Playhouse District Annual Artwalk, Pasadena, California

2007 – Pasadena Society of Artists, Art Exhibition & Sale, Los Angeles Arboretum, Los Angeles, California

2007 –  New members Art Exhibition, Pasadena Society of Artists, Whites Art, Framing and Restoration, Montrose, California

2006 – Pasadena Society of Artists 81st Annual Exhibition, Viva Gallery, Sherman Oaks

2005 – Art Show, Comic Con, San Diego

2004 – “Open Doors”, a group exhibition featuring the works of international artists from Panama, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, Monaco and France, Paris, France

2004 – “A Day of Gratefulness”, solo exhibition, to raise funds for the Maitreya Universal Education Project – which offers free education to village children from poor families in Northern India. Singapore

1987 – National Youth Festival Art Exhibition, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore


2005 – presentMember of Pasadena Society of Artists